Dog theater upstages drama of ruff life: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through their lawn decorations... The house pictured above takes two of Denver's favorite pastimes, dogs and live theater, and combines them to create a front-yard show-stopper. The arched window and white-washed wall perfectly stage the plaster Boston Terrier standing before the black velvet backdrop in dramatic pose. To bark, or not to bark. That is the question of whoever lives here... The front yard of the tiny Highland home pictured above is only about six inches deep, but the porch furnishings suggest the residents enjoy the great outdoors. The choice of Boston Terrier as window art object, combined with the love of porch time, intimates that the members of this household are polite with everyone. It can also insinuate a flatulence problem and/or a greater propensity for wheezing, snorting and snoring.

The burnt orange and harvest gold stackable plastic school chairs also hint that the occupants may be fond of collecting vintage Americana. However, the packing crate side table between the chairs proposes that the home's residents may just be prolific dumpster divers. No matter how difficult they are to obtain, these simple objects are the hallmark of sturdy yard artists with a flair for the dramatic.