It's the most wonderful time of the year for Denver sports fans

Right now, fans of pro sports in Denver have a difficult task -- figuring out how not to spontaneously orgasm at inappropriate times (like during fully clothed meetings with the boss) due to the magical confluence of seasons involving all the big-four sports: baseball, football, hockey and basketball. The World Series starts tonight, and while the Rockies aren't part of it, the glow from their unexpectedly successful season hasn't worn off -- and besides, the prospect of the Phillies' Cliff Lee matching up against the Yankees' C.C. Sabathia is enough to rev up anyone, no matter his specific rooting interest. In the meantime, the Broncos continue to defy the expectations of anyone with a fully functional medulla oblongata; the Avalanche, who most hockey observers had marked for mediocrity, lead the NHL in points after last night's convincing 3-0 smothering of Edmonton; and the Nuggets begin their defense of the Northwest Division crown against the Utah Jazz tonight, with Chauncey Billups about to begin a complete campaign at the on-court helm.

Has there ever been a better time in Denver sports? A moment when all four of the city's pro franchises had more success than they're enjoying now? Can't think of one -- and if I could, I'd probably be erupting with even more joy than I already am. And now, please excuse me: I've got some cleanup to do.