Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Beating the Tom Tom

In this Miami Herald column, Dave Barry takes off after Colorado representative and perhaps presidential candidate Tom Tancredo. Among other things, Barry calls Tancredo (the subject of a recent blog) an "ignorant yokel blowhard" and a "xenophobic dimwit."

And I am not making this up!

"Back in November," Barry writes, "Rep. Tancredo, who represents suburban Denver, ruffled some feathers down here when he called Miami 'a third-world country.'

"For the record, that charge is unfair: Miami is WAY better armed than any third-world country. Miami is also a world-class party city, which is why the Super Bowl is being held here for a record-tying ninth time. Compare that with -- to pick a city at random -- Denver, which has been selected to host the Super Bowl a total of, let's see, the '60s, nope, the '70s, nope, the '80s, nope, the '90s, nope, the 2000s, nope ...

"Gosh, it seems that Denver has NEVER, not one single time in over four decades, been selected to host the Super Bowl. I'm sure there's a good reason for this, such as that the Denver area has too few hotel rooms, or too many xenophobic dimwits representing it in Congress..."

In this case, Tancredo is off the hook: The reason for Denver's Super-less status is our uncovered bowl, and the three feet of snow all around Invesco Field.

But while we may still have too few hotel rooms in August 2008 and Tancredo -- even presidential candidate Tancredo -- is unlikely to shed his xenophobic tendencies, at least the white stuff may melt by the time the Democratic National Convention convenes here. -- Patricia Calhoun