Eron Johnson Hosts an Art Exhibit to Celebrate the Opening of his New Showroom

Eron Johnson is hosting a grand opening for his new architectural antiques showroom and arts events center by presenting a traveling art show out of San Francisco called “Creativity Explored” The exhibit is named for the studio where all the pieces in the show were produced.

Creativity Explored—the studio, not the art show—is made up of the state of the art facilities where more than a hundred visual artists with developmental disabilities are allowed to create works without any censorship.

Founded in 1983, the institution provides its members with the opportunity to communicate through the visual arts. Sales of the artworks are important both to help fund Creativity Explored and to provide the artists, many of whom survive on fixed incomes, with badly needed money. Much of the work is fresh, innovative and of professional quality like “Composition in Gray” (pictured) by Mary Belknap, a prolific artist who is represented by several examples of her lyrical artistry.

The artworks themselves are very inexpensive with most pieces selling for as little as a $100 or so—the Belknap is priced at only $150, for example. This bargain aspect is why the sales presented periodically at Creativity Explored’s San Francisco-headquarters have been called by the “best reason to stand in line to buy art”.

The opening reception for the Denver exhibit probably won’t be that crowded as the group is not as well known around here. The festivities are scheduled for Thursday, May 29 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Eron Johnson Architectural Antiques,, which is located at 389 South Lipan Street. For more information call 303-777-8700. — Michael Paglia