Scott McInnis tweets that he's "in it to win it" -- or was it a plagiarist?

How is Scott McInnis responding to pressure that he drop out of the governor's race due to plagiarism problems? Via his Twitter feed. That's very Paula Abdul of him.

Trouble is, the second he shared his intention to stick around, a well-known progressive wondered if a certain someone had actually done the tweeting for him.

Here's the McInnis "announcement:"

I am in it to win it. We will continue to fight for Colorado's businesses and families and will not leave this race. Stay strong! #COgovless than a minute ago via web

Shortly thereafter, Bill Menezes, who until last year was the main man behind the now-dormant Colorado Media Matters, which prided itself on challenging what it saw as conservative misinformation, shot back with a reference to Rolly Fischer, an elderly Glenwood Springs resident who now says the McInnis camp tried to muscle him into confessing to plagiarism he didn't commit.

Menezes tweeted:

[email protected]McInnisColorado Did you really just tweet that you're staying in the race? Or was that Rolly Fischer? #cogovless than a minute ago via web

You sure you want to keep going, Mr. McInnis? Because if so, you'll be getting a steady diet of this for weeks to come.