Marilyn Musgrave gets award from deregulation fan Dick Armey

Dick Armey.

In yesterday's debate between Republican Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave and Democratic opponent Betsy Markey at Colorado State University, the Rocky Mountain News reports, Musgrave "portrayed herself as someone who is bipartisan and understands the struggles of real people." But the real person she was hanging out with earlier in the day was former House heavyweight Dick Armey, who gave her an award on behalf of FreedomWorks, an organization he now fronts, which devotes itself to achieving the goal of limited government. Armey said at the event that Musgrave represented "a strong voice in the effort to get ahead of the curve" on the current economic crisis -- and yet Armey's organization stands against the very kind of regulation Musgrave now insists she wanted back in 2005 in regard to that wacky couple she refers to as "Fanny and Freddie." Indeed, FreedomWorks' U.S. budget policy page declares that "a strong and vibrant free market economy - free from burdensome taxation and regulation - offers the best hope for creating opportunity and improving the quality of life for every American."

If Musgrave really is a bipartisan regulation supporter, she's keeping some mighty strange company. -- Michael Roberts