Bipolar Street Art splits east and west Denver: Kenny Be's Sign Language

The artworks pictured above, are displayed on the side walls of similarly colored brick buildings on opposites sides of town. They are as good an example as any to show the similarities and differences between East and West Denver. Observers can clearly see that Denverites, regardless of the location of their home, like to hang out in groups of five. Beverages are important all over town, and so are platters -- which Easties like to fill with vinyl, while Westies prefer the supreme pizza.

The artistic technique used in creating the two pictures reveals Denver's residential differences. The graphic posters on East Colfax show how important it is to Easties to keep their edge, while the air-brushed Westies are softer and more bulbous in nature. East-side guys are all style-over-substance noise makers, whereas west-side guys look remarkably like the young John Travolta. The women of East Denver are tigers who speak their minds into megaphones. West Denver women tend to be big-breasted blonds who prefer the solitude of reading secret letters, tucked beneath their steaming slices, at the dinner table.