Matt Drudge latest target of a Denver Post-related copyright infringement lawsuit

The copyright-infringement warning the Denver Post published last month was followed by a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Post and its owner, MediaNews Group, by Las Vegas-based Righthaven LLC against a small South Carolina blogger.

This action implied that the firm had targeted a little fish as a warning to larger ones. But the focus of a new suit is the equivalent of a blue whale: Internet powerhouse Matt Drudge.

Our source on this information is the Las Vegas Sun, which reports that Drudge is accused of using a Post shot of a TSA agent at Denver International Airport in the middle of a pat-down.

As in the earlier case, as well as more than a hundred copyright-infringement suits it's filed in Nevada, Righthaven obtained the rights to the photo in question before filing the complaint against Drudge and his site, According to the Sun, the firm is seeking $150,000 in damages for the use of the shot, "as well as forfeiture to Righthaven of the and website domain names."

Yeah, that'll happen. But it's now clear the Post and MediaNews Group don't plan to rely on publicity from its suit against South Carolina's Dana Eiser, who's accused of re-publishing a September Mike Rosen column on her modest LowCountry912 site, to scare off other web poachers. Going after Drudge sends the message that no one's off limits.

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