Carolyn Dooling is a Stapleton neighborhood icon: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

As illustrated in the graphic above, the control tower from the former Stapleton International Airport has been left behind to serve as the neighborhood's iconographic landmark -- and that's only fitting. Absolutely nothing happens in this neighborhood without exhaustive planning.

Living here would be too stressful for most Denverites, but Stapletonians thrive on their advanced practices of social engineering -- and some are better at it than others. Meet Carolyn Dooling...

Carolyn Dooling received her Masters of Urban planning degree from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1997, but discovered during numerous site surveys of new urbanist housing that she would rather check out the cupboards inside. Long-story-short, Carolyn is now a LEED Green Associate Broker with Preferred Properties, Inc. It's the kind of job that allows her to keep her eyes on the neighborhood while she works, and gives her the flexible time to pursue her volunteer work at Westerly Creek Elementary School.

In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys planning and attending events that focus on sustainability in the built environment. She also enjoys sharing seasonal recipes and riding her bike. Because this is Stapleton, she is usually able to pursue all three interests at the same time.

Like most Stapletonians, Carolyn is sweet, insufferably earnest and does not know when to stop decorating. With her interests in sewing, textiles and interior design, her home serves as a perpetual design showcase and fabrication workshop.

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