An under-pressure Michael Bennet promotes his healthcare approach

Senator Michael Bennet's brief stint as a United States Senator hasn't proven scintillating to date -- hence former Colorado House speaker Andrew Romanoff's reported eagerness to make a run for Ken Salazar's old seat himself. But at least his staff made a smart decision about promoting his Friday appearance in Pueblo to talk healthcare. Instead of waiting for opponents to post videos that made the event look like a grassroots uprising to prevent the return of Communism, as colleagues such as Rep. Ed Perlmutter have done, the folks behind Bennet's 2010 campaign produced two YouTube-ready clips of their own. The one above juxtaposes images of Bennet looking serious and studious as he insists that the status quo is unacceptable with footage of protesters shot mostly in shadow, to give them a sinister look. As for the second offering, on view after the jump, it's a loving montage of video and stills that emphasizes Bennet's commitment to discussing the issue with voters from every corner of the state that's introduced by none other than the aforementioned Mr. Perlmutter. Who looks mighty happy not to have anyone screaming at him.