Eight-year-old shot on 6th Avenue: Apparent break in case falls apart

Update: Earlier today, we questioned whether an alleged break in the case of an eight year old's shooting yesterday evening was actually a case of premature tweeting; see our previous coverage below.

Turns out it was: 9News, which had rushed out photos of a white Volvo in connection with news that two arrested suspects were possibly involved in last night's gunplay, is now reporting that the couple were determined to have had no tie to the previous case and were released.

The station blames the confusion on a "bogus tip," adding that cops are now looking for a white crossover vehicle -- possibly an SUV, station wagon or hatchback -- in connection with the boy's shooting. Get details about that from our previous coverage below.

Original post, 11:05 a.m.: Here's another lesson in how quickly news travels these days. Three TV stations are tweeting photos of a white Volvo pulled over by Englewood police. The car matches the general description of a vehicle being sought in connection with the shocking shooting of an eight-year-old boy on 6th Avenue yesterday. Problem is, the Denver Police Department hasn't had the opportunity to check out the individuals involved to determine if they could be the suspects in the shooting. Photos, video and details below.

Here's the first tweet about the incident sent by the Denver Police Department yesterday evening:

It was followed by a second note:

What happened? At around 6:30 p.m., according to 7News, the thus-far unnamed eight year old was riding in a red Jeep when shots were fired from a white Volvo in the vicinity of 6th and Knox Court. Bullets struck the Jeep and the boy. Afterward, the driver raced to a 7-Eleven near the intersection of 6th and Federal to seek help.

Cut to a short time ago, when TV stations started tweeting photos of a white Volvo pulled over by cops in Englewood. Here's the one from 7News:

This is the 9News version: And here's one from CBS4: Moreover, 9News subsequently published an item stating that two possible suspects in the shooting have been arrested.

Denver Police Department Sonny Jackson wants folks to put the emphasis on the word "possible" for now, since DPD investigators currently have no idea whether those arrested had anything to do with the 6th Avenue shooting. "We're going to check it out, but it's not confirmed," he says, qualifying any conclusions based on the arrests as "a little risky at this point."

Indeed, Jackson has heard about numerous white Volvos that have been checked out at this point, and he's not aware of any at this writing that have yielded information about the suspects in the shooting. Moreover, the DPD is looking for two Hispanic males, and from what he understands, the arrestees in Englewood were a man and a woman.

Hence, this DPD tweet after the initial flurry of information:

By the way, it's Jackson's understanding that the boy's injuries are non-life-threatening but serious, and he's expected to undergo surgery today.

We'll update when we hear more. In the meantime, here's the 7News report about the shooting.

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