Frontier Horror Story

The airline industry is giving flyers fits this summer as the big carriers raise ticket prices, add fees for checked bags, cancel routes and charge for food. United, American, US Airways, even Denver-based Frontier are making it difficult to sit back, relax and enjoy our summer vacations.

Eight years ago, Westword held a contest asking people to describe how United had ruined their summer vacations. It's high time we do so again — but this round, we're expanding our target to the entire airline industry.

Have a complaint? A horror story like this one? Still trying to reclaim lost baggage, missing vouchers or lost dignity? If so, e-mail us at [email protected] or post your thoughts here. The best bad tale wins a free trip -- on Amtrak. -- Jonathan Shikes

But first, read the submission below from one unhappy flyer:

We purchased two tickets to Costa Rica on Frontier, out on a Friday and back a week later on Saturday. They canceled the flights a couple of months ahead of the trip. Frontier said they were rebooking us on Continental.

What they offered us were seats leaving on a Wednesday and returning the following Wednesday. A quick check showed that Continental had seats available on the days that we had originally booked with Frontier. When I asked about traveling on our original dates they said that those dates were not available in their agreement with Contintental. Frontier said my choices were to go when they offered us or to refund the money.

We had to fly on the original days so I had no choice but take the refund and book on another carrier. Of course prices had risen and I had to pay another $500 to get to Costa Rica. I filed a formal compaint with Frontier about their terrible customer service, but that did not even get me an apology. I am boycotting Frontier for one year.

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