Ramsey Week

Media types are suckers for anniversary stories. Even if it's the anniversary of a homicide, which just sounds so...wrong. What are we celebrating, exactly?

On Tuesday it will be ten years since the death of JonBenet Ramsey. There have already been a couple of prime-time recaps of the crime, and last night John Ramsey (one of Barbara Walters' most fascinating people of the year, for some reason) was on Larry King Live, ruminating about his daughter's unsolved murder and his late wife, Patsy, who succumbed to cancer last summer. Patsy is remembered less fondly in the latest issue of the Globe; the tabloid's cover shrieks, MOM DID IT!

In much smaller type, that sentiment is attributed to a "top forensic expert." Inside, amid reports of Lisa Marie's "lusty love life," Ellen Burstyn's "raunchy hellish past," and unnamed relatives' fears that Jacko is turning into a narco-zombie, a panel of experts points the finger once more at Patsy. The biggest stunner here is what took the paper's editors so long to figure out that dead people can't sue.

With the tabs back on the case, can the dailies be far behind? Look for the usual Where Are They Now stories this holiday weekend, even if they have to trim the blizzard coverage to get them in. In the meantime, our less-than-jolly retrospective of the botched investigation, "Ten Years After,"can be found in this week's issue of Westword. --Alan Prendergast