Colorado delegation doesn't tweet during Obama's healthcare speech

Last night, Colorado's representatives and senators actually paid attention during President Barack Obama's healthcare address to a joint session of Congress -- or at least they resisted posting their comments about it while the speech was taking place. Not all of the state's federal officials have a Twitter account: Indeed, Betsy Markey's lack of one is the subject of a petition from an organization called But none of those who do (Jared Polis, Mark Udall, Michael Bennet and Mike Coffman) tweeted as Obama was at the podium, and neither did any of them scream, "You lie!," as did South Carolina's Joe Wilson -- an act that set of waves of recrimination throughout the Twitterverse. Wilson tweets, though. His last message, on September 7, reads: "Happy Labor Day! Wonderful parade at Chapin, many people called out to oppose Obamacare which I assured them would be relayed tomorrow to DC."

Promise kept -- in the most stupid and crass manner imaginable.