Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call: Steve Horner, back in his corner

The Colorado Division of Civil Rights finally issued a ruling affirming Westword's position that by publishing an ad for a ladies' night at a local club, the paper did not discriminate against Steve Horner. And the decision didn't stop there: In addition to agreeing that a newspaper is not a place of public accommodation, the division also determined that the bar in question, while definitely a place of public accommodation, had offered its ladies' night deal essentially for the benefit of men (and, yes, the business's bottom line), by making sure that there were plenty of ladies in the bar.

Not surprisingly, Horner, the anti-ladies' night crusader, did not appreciate the decision, and sent me this note:

First, the Division rules that the Westword is a place of public accommodation. Then, you essentially tell the Division to shove the ruling up their ass. So the head legal chick at the Division surrenders and says the Westword is not a place of public accommodation.Then, women throughout society act bewildered about public policies that they feel harm their families because the policies are laced with contradictions. So, like I just wrote the legal chick at the Division, I guess I'm left laughing at poor stupid women who can't seem to see the forest for the trees. And as more and more of them find themselves stranded on the highway of life, all I can do is find humor in the irony in knowing that what goes 'round,comes 'round.

Just so long as you don't come 'round here any more, Steve....