Delay in Rocky Mountain News bonus: coincidence or conspiracy?

Yesterday, numerous Rocky Mountain News employees received a memo letting them know that a bonus they were supposed to receive today had been delayed and would now be included in their January 30 paychecks. In all likelihood, this was a simple processing glitch of the sort that happens routinely at companies all over America. But given that today is the deadline imposed by E.W. Scripps, the Rocky's owner, for parties interested in purchasing the paper to submit bids, some employees are worried that this little extra will never materialize.

Fortunately, each day that passes increases the odds that that January 30 paycheck will be followed by others. For whatever reason, the Rocky deal-or-no-deal process seems to be developing more slowly than many observers expected. That's a different kind of bonus.

See the memo noted above after the jump.


There was an error with ADP that prevented you from receiving the class combination bonus that was due to you in the Jan 16 paycheck.

We are working with ADP to correct this and be sure that you receive the money owed to you in the Jan 30 paycheck.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I apologize for the problem.

Randall K. Roberts Administration Editor Rocky Mountain News 101 W. Colfax Ave. Suite 500 Denver, CO 80202