Schmuck of the Week

Parrish Wright, who sold crack to homeless addicts, is a Shmuck

There's low, and then there's really, really slimy-low. And selling crack to homeless addicts who are going through drug rehabilitation is about as low as it gets.

Parrish L. Wright, a longtime security guard for a Colorado Coalition for the Homeless clinic, was arrested recently and charged with doing just that. Police say Parrish, 45, sold crack to an informant and to an undercover officer.

"We're pretty devastated," Colorado Coalition President John Parvensky told Face the State.

"We have hundreds of employees who are dedicated to helping homeless people get off the street and get clean. So when you have a staff member working at cross purposes, it's a huge violation of trust. It goes against every element of our service."

The 25-year-old organization is Colorado's largest homeless advocacy group; the Stout Street Clinic, where Parrish worked for eight years, is one of its busiest locations.

Parrish, of Aurora, is free on bond, but it will take him a while to be free of Shmuckery.

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