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Reader: Journalists are reporting on important things in dangerous environments -- you're whining about skateboarding

Britt Chester admits that he knew it was against the law to skateboard on the 16th Street Mall, so he wasn't surprised when officers told him to stop. What did surprise him was what came after that -- including charges of interference, a ridiculous mug shot, an overnight stay in Denver's new jail, and a judge sentencing him to "time served" -- with that time then stretching several more hours before he was released.

But commenters have no sympathy for his saga...

Says OedipalUnderwear

Well, you broke the law. You knew skateboarding there was illegal, and you did it anyway. If you don't think it SHOULD be illegal, that's fine. But it is.

As someone who's had to deal with more than a few dicks who decided it's cool to slam their skateboards as loudly as possible onto the concrete right next me (because that makes them all rebellious and badass and shit) -- not to mention all the idiots who have slammed into me because I won't move when I'm appropriately walking along a sidewalk -- I'm having a trouble mustering up sympathy for your plight.

Journalists are being detained, assaulted and murdered all over the world for reporting on important things in incredibly dangerous environments. You're whining about spending a night in county for skateboarding.

What do you think about the ban skateboarding on the 16th Street Mall? Skateboarding in general?

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