Marketing the Colorado Way of Life

Everybody's getting into the Web 2.0 game. For those of you not in the know, the term refers to websites that rely on user-generated content and traffic while spending little or no money to get it after the initial infrastructure is built. Startup costs and little else, so the theory goes. The latest Colorado endeavor to get in on the action is a website started by insurance vendor Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance (CFBI) called, which features an interactive map where users can post their favorite square-state spots to hike, shoot nature photos, or watch the homeless have intercourse. Or all three.

Rick Bender, marketing director for CFBI, said in a press release that, "The underlying feature of this Web 2.0 site is the mashing together of various technologies and interfaces to build a community that's primarily based around sharing."

Sharing information about the best state in the union. Sharing information on where to find a agent that sells CFBI products. And, interetestingly, the site's homepage shares a series of "Colorado Life Tips" in a flash slide show.

"Colorado Life Tip #3: Foothills homeowners should check crawlspaces for moisture and previous inhabitants."

You know, like murderous hermited midgets who've filed their teeth to ease the puncture of human flesh. Or racoons.

You have to give them credit: creating a site where users can log on and create profiles of themselves, offering up a laundry list of how they spend their leisure time in Colorado and, presumably, disposable income, is a brilliant marketing research tool, provided anyone actually logs on to use it.

-- Sean Cronin