Francisco Javier Reyes-Garcia

Accused cockfighter Francisco Javier Reyes-Garcia is stepping into a whole new fighting arena.

Reyes-Garcia was arrested in Denver last year when authorities found roosters doctored in the custom of fighting cocks -- with Mexican razorblades -- in his backyard. Fighters fasten the blades to their birds to ensure that the bloody battles are fought to the death. (Read more about Reyes-Garcia's arrest "Murder Most Fowl.")

Reyes-Garcia pled guilty March 1 to a charge of cruelty to animals and criminal trespass. When the judge imposed immediate sentencing, Reyes-Garcia got 180 days in Denver's county jail and two years of probation. While Reyes-Garcia does his time, he'll be on supervised work release but sleeping in jail at night. Still, the deal allowed him to avoid possible prison time for animal fighting charges.

Come June 13, however, he'll step into immigration court to begin his deportation hearings. Reyes-Garcia is in the United States illegally, but he hopes to find a way to stay so that he can raise a newborn child here born to a U.S. citizen mother.

Worse-case scenario for Reyes-Garcia: He'll be shipped out of the country where he won't be able to raise his child, but because cockfighting is still legal in Mexico, at least he'll be able to raise more fighting chickens. -- Luke Turf