Denver Union Station redevelopment: Say goodbye to the pedestrian tunnel (VIDEO)

Beginning tomorrow, as part of Denver Union Station's ambitious redevelopment into a modern transit hub, the historic station's underground pedestrian tunnel connecting Wynkoop and Wewatta streets will be closed.

And here's the really bad news: It's never, ever going to reopen.

In the scheme of things, the loss likely won't have much of an impact, especially since the city is getting a world-class transportation center in exchange. Still, the tunnel will be missed. With platform signs still emblazoned with the names of trains that have long since steamed away for good, it's a living reminder of Union Station's golden years as the gateway to the city.

Not only that, but its ceramic-tiled stretch has offered commuters, tourists and revelers alike both a hint of East Coast urbanism (it's the closest thing this town has to vibe of a subway station) and a quiet respite to the bustle of LoDo. Many a rumor has been generated about the tunnel, such as how the black-and-white historic photos that once graced its walls were taken down for good after a visitor, armed with a screwdriver and other tools, decided to abscond with a few of them.

Here's one Denverite's video ode to the pedestrian tunnel. The place clearly had an impact on him -- has it had the same impact on you? If so, what's your favorite tunnel story?

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