Video: Mitt Romney using Craig as symbol of damage by energy regs

Why is presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney scheduled to make a campaign stop in the Town of Craig at 8:30 a.m. this morning? After all, the community's population -- 9,464, according to the 2010 census -- makes it the sort of place most candidates fly over. The answer can be found in a video on view below entitled "The Perfect Storm Over Craig, Colorado," created and pushed by an organization called EnergyForAmerica.org.

The slickly produced cilp portrays Craig as a town almost entirely dependent upon the success of its coal plants, portrayed as being very environmentally friendly. Nonetheless, the video argues, rules and legislation promoting allegedly unreliable wind and solar energy over so-called clean coal have devastated the local economy. In one particularly effective segment, the co-owner of a Best Western in Craig breaks down as she notes that revenues for the business have plummeted by half-a-million dollars during the past couple of years, forcing a dip into savings to keep the operation afloat.

At this writing, the YouTube version of the production has attracted more than 143,000 views since it was posted in mid-February. Expect that number to rise if, as anticipated, Romney portrays the citizens of Craig as the sort of real people harmed by energy over-regulation.

Here's the video:

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