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Reader: Fig-leaf panties won't lead to extra TSA groping, says Rocky Flats Gear inventor

"TSA machines may irradiate your junk unless you've got Rocky Flats Gear," a Thanksgiving-week post about new briefs, panties and bras fitted with shields intended to protect your special places from airport radiation machines, prompted a comment from an informed source: Jeff Buske, the man behind Rocky Flats Gear.

Here's what he had to say about the possibility that said shields -- some of which are shaped like fig leaves or, in the photo above, a pair of hands -- might make TSA agents suspicious...

Dear Michael Roberts, regarding "feel fig leaf" the product only about 1mm thick and is very flexible would be very difficult to feel on a woman a little easier on the male. If the "inspector" uses back of the hand like he/she is required the fig would likely not be noticed. Our shields are designed to be x-ray absorbing, comfortable, no-bulge showing, easy care (machine wash), lead free and, made in the USA.

We have shipped thousands world wide lots of great positive feed back from customers. TSA has "seen" plenty of our product. I'm on the look out for negative experiences, none to date.

Happy Landings Jeff Buske

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