Cannabis Time Capsule, 1904: Psychedelic hashish visions on the back of your eyes

Did you know that if you close your eyes you can make pictures like photographs on the back of your eyelids?

Yes. You probably did know that, as does anyone who had a childhood. Which is what makes this 1904 borderline stream-of-conscious editorial about the fantastic images laying in wait when you close your eyes -- which makes a quick (but poignant) reference to hashish -- that much more strange.

Frankly, I don't really have an explanation for this piece. As best I can tell, some editor got into some heavy hash and had a vision that he wanted to share with the world about how he could see fantastic things when he closed his eyes. It's not unlike the first time I ever got stoned, listened to Peter Tosh and began singing the chorus to "Legalize It" at the top of my lungs because... well... because.

I digress.

Anyway, it's too strange to even sum up -- so we'll just go ahead and run the entire esoteric clipping from the June 29, 1904 Silver Cliff Rustler, based at the time in Custer County. Prepare to have your mind blown, man:

Admit it: You'll be trying this all weekend.

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