Mitt Romney's win in Iowa could threaten immigrants, say Colorado Democrats

Colorado's Democratic leaders are worried that last night's win for Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucus could spell trouble for immigrants in Colorado.

"Folks, it takes an alarming event to bring the likes of us together to weigh in on the Republican nomination," Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio said at a press conference today.

"That alarming event is not Mitt Romney's win last night," he continued, "but it is his far-right positions that are dangerous for nearly everyone -- especially our Hispanic families who are trying to build a life in America."

Palacio and state representatives Dan Pabon and Crisanta Duran met with this press to discuss the potential impact of a Romney candidacy on Colorado immigration policies. They said they're concerned about Romney's attempt to reverse President Barack Obama's efforts to pass the DREAM Act -- a measure that would provide permanent or temporary residency to immigrants living in the United States. Last weekend, Romney gained Tea Party support with his promise to veto the DREAM Act if Obama manages to get it passed.

"Mitt Romney is painstakingly condemning by partisan proposals that address our immigration problem," Duran said. "This issue is about making sure that every child, regardless of whether or not they are a documented citizen, has access to the American dream."

Pabon said he's worried that a candidate with an anti-immigrant platform could pose a threat to communities across Colorado.

"A clear choice is evolving between President Obama and Mitt Romney," Duran said. "With our growing Hispanic community and Colorado's targeted status for this election, that contrast is going to matter in a very big way in this election."

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