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Trina Chavez-Hutchins's Allegedly Schmucky Plan to Get Her Grandkids to Help Shoplift

We tend to think of grandmothers as passing along wisdom to their grandkids -- and 43-year-old Trina Chavez-Hutchins appears to have been doing just that a few days back.

In this particular case, however, the knowledge she was sharing allegedly involved helping her shoplift. Get the not-quite-heartwarming details below.

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According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, the location for this particular family outing was a Sportsmans Warehouse at 555 North Chelton Road, in the Citadel Mall.

On Sunday, August 3, Chavez-Hutchins reportedly stopped by the outlet in the company of her ten-year-old grandson and seven-year-old granddaughter.

Their goal, investigators believe, was to pick up some nifty items and split without paying for them.

The CSPD maintains that Chavez-Hutchins and her granddaughter can be seen on surveillance video "selecting items and placing them into a basket." A short time later, a witness told security about seeing Chavez-Hutchins hurrying out the door and yelling to her grandkids to "run, hurry, get in the car."

They followed instructions and made their getaway -- but the witness saw the vehicle's license plate number. With the assistance of those digits, police traced the ride to Chavez-Hutchins's residence, on the 4800 block of Live Oak Drive. There, they found "approximately half of the $360 in items that were stolen," the CSPD reveals.

Shortly thereafter, Chavez-Hutchins, who's said to boast a lengthy criminal record, was busted on suspicion of theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Clearly, the police have no respect for alternative education -- or at least the kind Chavez-Hutchins seems to have practiced.

Look below to see a Chavez-Hutchins's double mug shot, followed by a CBS4 report.