Tom Tancredo gives KHOW's Peter Boyles his tax returns, challenges Dan Maes to do the same

While other Republicans are starting to cozy up to Dan Maes, there's no love lost between the Republican gubernatorial candidate and Tom Tancredo, now running for governor on the American Constitution ticket. Tancredo, who's on KHOW right now, just gave his tax returns to Peter Boyles -- authorizing him to post them online as soon as Dan Maes makes his tax returns public.

Don't count on them going online anytime soon. So far, Maes has shown no inclination to make his returns public, having declined to provide them to the Denver Post, among other media outlets. Instead, he gave them to a conservative website, which released only the most basic information -- but his modest earnings convinced the Post that Maes doesn't have the business smarts to be governor.

And Tancredo's? They're bound to be interesting reading, since he lost most of his retirement funds to Bernie Madoff.