The blog shortcut, September 5 edition

Producer Andy Johns rides Swayback.

Bloggin' for the city.

Backbeat Online supplies well over the government's minimum daily requirement of music news. Visit an L.A. studio in the company of Swayback and legendary producer Andy Johns; peruse a Q&A with Fear Before the March of Flames' David Marion; consider our list of the summer's top 10 concerts; find out who tops Twist & Shout's sales roster; prepare for a trip to India with Mile High Makeout writer Eric Eyl; and wrap up your Friday with our Friday Rap-Up.

Still not content with the amount of content? Cafe Society finds the Candy Girls sampling Brach's Milkmaid Caramel Apple Candy Corn. Hope their dentists approve. And over at The Cat's Pajamas, Susan Froyd declares, "Give me Liberty Boots or give me death." I'd prefer the former to the latter. -- Michael Roberts