Griffin Scott, reporter fired by former Channel 7 news director for Facebook posting, wins round one in legal battle

Last August, we told you about Griffin Scott, a Louisiana reporter who was fired for a Facebook posting in which he mentioned that he was the only person under forty at his station who knew anything about the Enola Gay -- the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan.

The person who pulled the trigger? Melissa Klinzing, former news director for Channel 7 during the ultra-controversial "Real Life, Real News" debacle of the '90s, whose name came up frequently in a successful age-discrimination lawsuit by Dave Minshall, now a spokesman for UFCW Local 7.

The latest? Scott has won an unemployment appeal against his station, meaning he'll keep receiving benefits as he continues to pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit. And Klinzing? As of last Friday, she's no longer an employee of the station. She and Scott have that in common.