KUVO's New Expansion Plan

In the January 10 Message column, Gene Craven (pictured), the new president and general manager of KUVO/89-3 FM, Denver's jazz-centric public-radio station, talked about his desire to expand the outlet's reach. A couple of weeks later, he's already moving forward with this plan. On January 23, the station formally announced its intention to begin broadcasting in the Vail/Eagle County area by late 2008 or early 2009. The new signal has been dubbed KVJZ and will be heard at 88.5 FM.

This news isn't wholly unexpected. The Federal Communications Commission granted KUVO a construction permit for Vail last year, and in an interview for the aforementioned column, Craven said the document gave the station three years to get it up and running. Clearly, KUVO has no intention of waiting until the last minute -- and related plans demonstrate a similar sense of urgency. The Vail press release reveals that Craven "will be exploring opportunities to match funding from an anticipated federal grant that will provide approximately 50% of the project's costs. Other possible sources of funding for the project include: grants from local and regional foundations, gifts from individuals, membership support and business sponsorships."

Such aggressiveness is appropriate given the latest move by Colorado Public Radio -- the purchase of a second FM signal. (For more information on that development, click here.) In the past, KUVO has taken a relatively quiet, low-key approach to growth and expansion. But under Craven, the station is picking up the pace. -- Michael Roberts