Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Tom Tancredo doesn't have a seat at debates, but he has one in court today over ballot suit

Tom Tancredo wasn't allowed to speak at the Club 20 debate Saturday night and he won't be part of the University of Denver gubernatorial candidate forum tomorrow because of a scheduling conflict. But he'll have a forum today -- in court, where he's righting a suit to have his name thrown off the ballot. "The hearing to silence our campaign begins at 9 a.m.," Tancredo says.

Yesterday, Tancredo sent out this lengthy e-mail alert to "fellow conservatives" (liberally sprinkled with requests for donations to raise $50,000 for the legal battle) about today's court date:

You know you have the establishment running scared when they bring in the lawyers.

My campaign has so terrified certain backroom Republican leaders that they are resorting to legal challenges to my candidacy.

Two high powered establishment lawyers have filed a lawsuit seeking to remove me from the November ballot in a last ditch attempt to protect their hapless nominee.

You see, the Colorado Republican Party is shackled with Dan Maes as their nominee.

His corruption and lack of conviction on issues such as life, the Second Amendment and illegal immigration makes him a fundamentally flawed candidate.

Maes opposes the Personhood Amendment, opposes eliminating instant checks on gun buyers and was for amnesty before he was against it.

Conservatives who are looking for the real deal are flocking to my campaign.

But for some in the establishment, it always comes down to party over principle.

This lawsuit is a sign of just how serious the entrenched political class is taking my effort to become the next Governor of Colorado.

My attorneys have warned that I can't go into great detail about the nature of the charges, but I can tell that I intend to fight them with all my spirit...

You see, the establishment is bringing their big guns. They know that every day their damaged nominee is bleeding support to my campaign.

Now they are trying to silence my campaign by bringing in well-heeled lawyers from white shoe law firms to litigate me off the ballot.

If there is one thing the establishment cannot stand, it's an outsider crashing their party.

I am not writing this letter to cry wolf. The establishment is deadly serious about preventing my name from appearing on the ballot and depriving conservatives of a genuine choice in their election.

This lawsuit is all about protecting their candidate -- a man with no intention of fighting for the causes that you care about.

That is why I must raise $50,000 by Monday to beat back this establishment scheme to remove the only true conservative from the ballot.

It's vital that I be able to mount a vigorous defense against this lawsuit so I can remain on the ballot and continue the fight for conservative values.

We have been gaining momentum every day in this campaign. New supporters are rallying to our cause.

I can show you articles detailing the utter collapse of support for the embattled Republican nominee.

I can detail for you his misleading statements, embarrassing conduct and financial scandals.

But nothing demonstrates just how petrified the Republican establishment is conservatives will rally to my campaign than the fact they are going to court to kick me off the ballot.

You see if there is one thing the power brokers cannot stand; it is an outsider operating outside their club.

To them, it's all about control. They control the candidates. They control the message.

This lawsuit is about depriving the voters of an authentic conservative voice in this election.

You should be the ones deciding this election. Not high-powered trial lawyers...

This lawsuit is their attempt to distract my campaign so I cannot keep speaking out on the issues you care about.

They want to tie my time up with subpoenas, depositions and fishing expositions so I have to spend precious time and money defending myself.

The establishment is trying to shut down my campaign and silence me -- and deprive you of a real conservative alternative.

I am a grave threat to their floundering nominee whose campaign is imploding every day.

I represent the only chance for conservatives to defeat liberal Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

But because I am not running under their party banner, members of the Republican establishment have launched a crusade to destroy my campaign.

My campaign is challenging the established power structure and so the bigwigs and power brokers are trying to shut me down.

We cannot allow this to happen.

The voters should have a full selection of candidates to choose from - regardless of party affiliation...

Equal ballot access is a fundamental value to democracy.

We must not allow the Republican Party establishment to rob conservatives of a real choice because I am not running under the "Team R" banner.

I sincerely thank you for time and support.