Tom Tancredo's $400 Haircut

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has achieved a lot in his life, but arguably his most famous act was paying $400 for someone to shape and mold his astonishingly lustrous and luxurious locks. Today, November 15, Colorado's Tom Tancredo, a Republican presidential hopeful currently stuck at single digits in most polls, is hoping to earn a sliver of that attention during an afternoon appearance in the primary state of New Hampshire, when he'll get a $400 haircut of his own.

Tancredo spokeswoman Shelly Uscinski emphasizes that the day's scissoring is about more than simply tweaking Edwards. "The $400 is actually going to the Autism Society of America for autism research," she says. "The owner of the hair salon where he's getting his hair cut has adopted two children from Romania, and one of the children is autistic."

Of course, Tancredo may get some benefits from the photo op beyond publicity for his struggling campaign. When asked if the haircut will make Tancredo look as handsome as Edwards, Uscinski laughingly declares, "That is exactly right!" Then, a few minutes later, she calls back with a quasi-retraction from Tancredo, who doesn't want to unduly raise expectations. In her words, "He wanted me to tell you that he's going to get his hair cut, not going to a plastic surgeon for a nip and tuck."

Either way, trimming is involved. -- Michael Roberts