John Mark Karr/Alexis Valoran Reich: "My passion is my work with children"

Today's Moment of Creepiness comes courtesy of an expert: JonBenét Ramsey false confessor John Mark Karr, who has reimagined himself as Alexis Valoran Reich.

Karr/Reich was at large for a while, but he's now been located in Atlanta. Another discovery: A resumé under Reich's name (read it below) that announces, "My passion is my work with children."

Karr has been back in the news of late due to bizarre reports that he's trying to form a JonBenét lookalike cult called "The Immaculates." Most of that info comes from San Francisco's Samantha Spiegel, who was granted a restraining order against Karr due to his alleged threats against her.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the order was served to Karr at the Georgia home of his father -- and in reporting about this development, the paper links to Reich's resumé, which details work with a series of young children.

Included is a rhapsodic passage about nannies that references Mary Poppins and lines like "I attended to all of her needs" that would probably seem benign if not for our images of him, and now her. By the way, the British girl to whom Karr/Reich attended from ages three to six supposedly lived in Paris between 2005 and 2008. That timeline is suspect considering that Karr spent part of 2006 in the Boulder Justice Center after being arrested in Thailand. But you can bet someone from Inside Edition is trying to track her down anyhow.

Here's the resumé:

Alexis Valoran Reich

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: Alexis_Reich

Introduction: I am an energetic, creative professional from America who has worked with children as a nanny and a teacher since 1997. My university concentration of study revolved around elementary education and early childhood development. I have lived internationally in Europe, Asia, Central America, Australia and the U.S. coast to coast. My passion is my work with children.

Bachelor of Science: Regents College, Albany New York / Concentration: Elementary Education

Preschool and Grade One Drama and Speech Teacher in Maldives (2009) as follows:

• Preschool: My work revolved primarily around dramatic expression that coincided with the students' existing energy. The children felt an intense sense of control over their own environment which instilled self-esteem. These activities served to draw out even the shyest students. An array of activities utilized movement and dramatic expression which instilled teamwork while enhancing coordination. There was a strong focus on singing to enhance expressive speech. The students loved these activities -- all of which fostered self-control as well as enhancing spatial, kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligence.

• First Grade: My approach with grade one was the same as preschool but with a bit more structure in that we focused on keywords and concepts of the performing arts as well as a focus on all aspects of communication which included fluency in expressive spoken English, diction, reading and writing. These areas were closely linked to a weekly, theme based mini-newspaper that I published entitled The Alexis Nexus -- also the title of all my work. The newspaper focused largely on children's involvement in performing arts areas such as film and music with an overall emphasis on the limitless potential of children who excel in these areas. The publication educated while building confidence in every child's creative potential.

Teacher Seminar in Maldives (2009): I conducted a seminar for over 50 preschool teachers entitled "Energy Meets Energy" wherein I described my method of teaching young children through dramatic expression; the concept of positive rapport with children; enthusiasm in teaching; how to draw out the best qualities in children; appealing to the natural side of a child and more.

My work as a nanny has meant the world to me. I adore caring for children in every way in their natural environment. The term nanny itself conjures up images of Mary Poppins jumping into sidewalk drawings or Maria singing "Do Re Mi." I have had the wonderful pleasure of living that dream in the most beautiful areas of Europe, moreover, working with the most extraordinary children.

Nanny in Paris (2005-2008): (live-in) - one child: 3 years old at the start to 6 years old in the end -- for a British family. I cared for one girl. I attended to all of her needs while her mother worked and traveled extensively. The position was long-term sole care and full-time.

Nanny in Munich (2003-2004): (live-in) - three children: 7 years old to 12 years old -- I cared for three girls. I prepared their dinner each night, drove them to ballet, riding and other activities. The position was partially sole care and 30 hours per week.

Nanny in Stuttgart (Summer 2002): (live-in) -- three children: 5 years old to 10 years old -- summer position caring for two girls and a boy. I prepared their meals; got them ready for school; helped with homework and got them ready for bed. The position was sole care and full-time.

Nanny in Amsterdam (2002): (live-in) - three children: 9 months to 4 years old - I cared for a baby girl, a boy and a girl. I changed, fed and generally attended to all the needs of the baby. I prepared breakfast and lunch for the two oldest; got the two oldest ready for school; walked them to school with their baby sister; retrieved them at midday and got them ready for bed each night. The position was sole care and full-time.

Substitute Teacher (1997-2001): (intermittent) - in New York and California schools in elementary grades only. I was a substitute teacher in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. I did long-term assignments. I performed all the duties of a homeroom teacher.