Things to Do

Ride for Recovery

It’ll be comforting to many of the bikers in tomorrow’s Ride for Recovery that they need not fear the police, DUI, getting busted for drugs or drug paraphernalia.

“Come out and help fight addiction, help those with the disease learn to win and live a clean, happy healthy lifestyle, show them they can have a good time without drugs and alcohol,” said Paul Thompson, clinical coordinator at Peer I Therapeutic Community, where he himself finally got off heroin in 1989. “It’s all about having a good, clean, fun time.”

Registration starts at 8 a.m. and the ride begins at 11 a.m. from 3700 W. Princeton Circle (also known as Fort Logan Park). Participants in the 45 minute ride will get a raffle ticket in exchange for their $20 fee, which will help fund a camping trip scheduled for later this summer to show alcoholics and addicts an alternative to excess.

And despite the recent cancellation of a Dog the Bounty Hunter motivational speech in Denver, Dog is still expected to address the audience, which A&E will film. Custom and classic cars will also be along for the ride, which ends where it began with a silent auction and barbecue. --Luke Turf