Air Force Academy's cadet survey: Rep. Mike Coffman joins advocates in call to make it public

In mid-August, an Air Force Academy cadet survey showed statistically significant discrimination, harassment and the like against females, homosexuals, bisexuals and racial minorities, plus a considerable amount of unwanted religious proselytizing. But that info came from leaks; the Academy refuses to release all the data. Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein has been leading the call for the survey's release. And now he's got an unexpected ally: Congressman Mike Coffman.

Coffman may not be the most right-wing member of Congress, but he's certainly been staking out ultra-conservative positions of late. Note that on his website today, the top news item touts his decision to sign an amicus brief supporting Arizona's appeal of a ruling nixing the most controversial aspects of the state's new immigration law.

Nonetheless, he's reportedly calling for the survey to be released, saying the public has a right to know the results.

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Coffman isn't someone who's opinions AFA superintendent Mike Gould can afford to dismiss out of hand. And the pressure that adds on Gould to share the survey beyond Academy walls should make MRFF's Weinstein very happy.