Strange But True

Drunken dad at McDonald's gets tasered: A strange but true story from 2010

Westword's annual Strange but True edition will hit newsstands (and this website) on December 30, featuring the weirdest and wackiest Colorado stories from 2010. Remember Jihad Jamie? How about the guy who re-labeled Gatorade bottles with pictures of Tiger Woods? And then there was this guy:

In January, Colorado Springs police were called to a McDonald's on a report of a man who had passed out drunk in the children's play area where his two kids were playing. And while that's something most fathers would probably like to do, it isn't really appropriate.

When the cops arrived, they identified Joshua Alger, 28, and determined that he had a warrant out for his arrest - on a charge of obstructing police. At that point, they say, Alger began fighting with them and ordered his kids to "bite the officers' faces off."

After a wrestling match, in which one officer was kicked in the face, they eventually tasered Alger. He was charged with assaulting a police officer.

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