Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call: ET, phone home -- but use good manners

Jeff Peckman has had a tough month: First, David Letterman's all-too-earthly horn-dog behavior made big news -- and bit into the value of a clip from Letterman's June 10, 2008 UFO interview with Peckman that's prominently featured on the campaign web page for the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.

That's the concept Peckman's pushing with a Denver ballot measure that would create a commission to teach Denverites how to welcome aliens -- not illegals from south of the border, but those coming from much, much further away. And Peckman, who turned in his petitions to the Denver Election Commission on September 4, recently discovered that he's 1,000 signatures short of the almost 4,000 legit names needed to make the next ballot.

So now he's devoting himself full-time to collecting the remainder. He'd thought about touting the cause at a post-show panel following Curious Theatre's Yankee Tavern, which features a conspiracy theorist, but the theater's non-profit status wouldn't allow petitioning. But Peckman, who also pushed the "Safety Through Peace" proposal, pushes on. "We have to do it," he says. "The future of the galaxy really depends on it."

And what are you doing today?