Colorado Springs is diverse? Now the city has proof

When most of us think of diverse towns, Colorado Springs isn't the first place that leaps to mind. But somehow, someway, the Springs is one of four U.S. communities to win a City Cultural Diversity Award from the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials.

In an article announcing the prize, the Colorado Springs Gazette concedes that the burg has "been portrayed in the media as a homogeneous white bread community," and not without reason. But the caucus was reportedly impressed by the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum, which puts on an annual "Everybody Welcome" festival in August.

First we learn that Colorado Springs is more open to medical marijuana than previously advertised and the Air Force Academy has a pagan worship space -- and now this. How will you surprise us next, Colorado Springs? By electing a Democrat?

Nah. That'd be going too far.