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Reader: Pit bull attacks get fifteen to twenty times the coverage as ones by other breeds

A vigorous conversation has taken root on our post about the Denver City Council rejecting a service-dog exemption for pit bulls.

One interesting observation has to do with the way pit bulls are covered by the media in comparison with other dogs.

Pit Bull Positive writes:

We argue because our argument is based on fact not fiction. If there is an attack by a dog labeled a 'pit bull" chances are it will make roughly 15 to 20 different newspaper outlets on the web, where as a dog not fitting in to what is considered a "pit bull" type dog maybe 1 or sometimes none. Can you argue this is not true, I mean you troll the internet looking for negative stories, right. I know this because i consistently see your screen name on comment forums spewing your hate for the breed.

I know you like to believe BSL and mandatory spay and neuter are the answer, but in this case you are wrong. Isnt MSN a way to eventually exterminate this breed? I see you still dont want to answer the question about your personal experience with 'pit bulls" so your opinions really hold no weight here. Your grasping at straws...

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