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Reader: Racism, sexism, bigotry and hate aren't satire, no matter what Mike Rosen says

There's been some lively back and forth over the question of whether Mike Rosen's comment about crashing a hijacked plane into an Islamic center near Ground Zero could be considered satire: Rosen argues that it was, while AM 760's David Sirota doesn't buy Rosen's explanation.

Here are two very different takes on the controversy.

First up is Zac, who writes:

leave it to the right wing to classify their Racism, sexism, bigotry, and hate as "Satire" even though they get all riled up and cheer when their leaders and mouthpieces are being such "satirists." Sarah Palin calling Katie Couric's softball, basic, low IQ questions - "gotcha" questions is satirical. Thats what you get for cutting education budgets...people who cheer for violence and racism, and dont know what satirical means.

Wrong, maintains druid0621:

This just goes to show that liberals have no sense of humor, which also points to an absence of intellectual prowess. The difference between liberals and conservatives is simple: liberals emote, while conservatives think.

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