Latest Brandon Marshall hissy-fit = preseason suspension

Poor Brandon Marshall. The Broncos didn't renegotiate his contract and shower him with the millions he thinks he deserves, likely because of his iffy hip and a history of off-the-field incidents capable of making any woman in his vicinity scream in terror and sprint in the opposite direction. But instead of sucking it up, hitting the field and proving to the Broncos, and every other team in the league that might covet a player with his plentiful physical (if not mental or emotional) gifts, he's pouted, whined, complained and, at Wednesday's practice, put on a display of petulance worthy of a pampered toddler who's missed two naps in a row. So today, the Broncos suspended him for the remainder of the preseason -- and don't be shocked if the maturity-free standoff between BM and coach Josh McDaniels stretches into games that count. Given the enormous likelihood that the squad will have its worst season since the Steve Tensi era (if you don't remember, count yourself lucky), Marshall's absence won't mean squat when it comes to wins and losses.

McDaniels is clearly intent on establishing his macho credentials, so there's probably only two ways this confrontation will end: with a trade or a decision by Marshall to act like a grownup. And the odds of the latter happening are so small that you'd need an electron microscope to see them.