Louis Hampers: Indicted Children's Hospital doctor posts $2.5 million cash bond

Louis Hampers, the Children's Hospital ER doctor charged with writing 654 phony prescriptions to feed what his lawyers say was a raging pill addiction, posted a $2.5 million cash bond this morning.

He will be released from jail sometime today.

Hampers has been in custody since he was arrested on September 7. At a detail-filled court hearing on September 28, his lawyers asked a judge to allow the wealthy doctor to post bond, and the judge agreed.

But Hampers is not a completely free man. The conditions of his bond dictate that he be monitored by a GPS system that will alert authorities if he leaves his house to do anything other than seek counseling or treatment. Hampers also gave up his privilege to prescribe controlled substances. (Earlier, in August, he gave up his medical license.)

Furthermore, Hampers is barred from having any contact with The Children's Hospital in Aurora and witnesses in the case.

In a separate order, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Blackburn tentatively set Hampers' trial date for November 29. But Hampers may find himself back in jail before then. He's also wanted on at least two warrants out of the Denver Police Department for harassment and witness intimidation in connection with his prior restraining orders.