Operation Cock Block target Bill Sullivan shows up on

So, your ex-boyfriend was a jerk. Maybe he was even one of the fine specimens on our Top 10 Bad Boyfriends list.

After putting up with his crap for far too long, you kick him to the curb. Two months later, you're in the pet-food aisle at King Soopers. As you're heaving a bucket of Tidy Cat into your cart, you see him out of the corner of your eye, comparing the ingredients in salmon-flavored Fancy Feast to those in the chicken-liver kind. And what's more, he's got a brand-new thaaaang hanging on to the side of his cart! A woman so infatuated by his superior pet-owning skills that she can't see him for the jerk he really is!

You want to grab her arm and yell, "RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" But you're in King Soopers, where bawdy behavior just isn't tolerated. So what do you do?

Easy. You rush home and post nasty things about him on the internet.

It seems that Bill Sullivan, the subject of our recent feature "Operation Cock Block Tries to Protect Women's Hearts and Pocketbooks from this Crooked Cassanova," got that exact treatment. Sometime after the story appeared in Westword, Sullivan popped up on

As far as we can tell, the website is just what it sounds like: a place for wronged women to warn other women to say away from their ex-jerks.

Sullivan's entry is brief. "This guy is trouble," it says. "Unless you want to be completely taken advantage of financially, avoid him!"

In other words, don't date him, guuuuuurl.