Myrl Serra, the penis-grabbing DA, is eBossWatch's 54th worst boss of 2010

Boss-rating website eBossWatch has published its list of the worst 100 bosses in America for 2010, and guess who made the cut at number 54? That's right, our old pal Myrl Serra, the Mountain Slope 7th District Attorney who made touching his penis a mandatory part of office life.

Yep, sounds like a pretty terrible boss to us. Mauricio Gaytan, of The Spud Seller Inc in Monte Vista, also made the list (#83) for sexual harassment. It is perhaps to our state's credit that we only had two of the nation's worst 100 bosses this year.

Serra, you may remember, was arrested in September on three charges: unlawful sexual contact, no consent, with force or threats; indecent exposure; and first-degree official misconduct. The affidavits later revealed the gory details: Forcing female employees to touch his penis, leaving marks on the wrists of the resistent, coercing unwilling women into jacking him off. He'll be back in court in February.

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