Marijuana intern wanted, apply within

We have so much marijuana at Westword, we don't know what to do with it.

Marijuana news, that is.

We're looking to bring on our second-ever pot-specific intern. You don't need to be a medical marijuana cardholder or anything like that, but some working knowledge of cannabis and the cannabis industry wouldn't hurt your chances of being selected.

Ideally, you're someone who has experience with news writing, blogging and coming up with your own stories. Most importantly: You need to earn college credits towards a degree for this, because we don't pay. Not even in weed, since The Man apparently frowns upon that.

(Furiously shakes fist at The Man.)

That said, you'll get valuable experience rolling my joints and running back and forth to the Capitol to sit in lengthy committee meetings.

Seriously though, there's a lot to be done. You'll help with dispensary listings, create blog posts, work on special sections like our Chronic-le dispensary guide, and cover breaking and spot news in the cannabis world (no really, it happens sometimes) for Westword as well as our sister blog, Toke of the Town.

Best of all: we don't test you for weed (or anything else, for that matter). You are a college student, after all. It's your duty to be smoking copious amounts of cannabis, skipping class and perfecting your Frisbee golf game.

Those interested should first check with your program to make sure that you can get course credit for working with us.

If your ed supervisors say being our pot news intern is okay (even if it's with a scowl), send us over your resume or CV to [email protected] along with 420 words or so on why you'd be a perfect fit for this position.

Sound good? Great. Now put down the bong and start writing.

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