Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Bruce on the Loose

The Colorado Statehouse goes live at 1 p.m. today -- and not a moment too soon. When Speaker Andrew Romanoff, et. al., decided to start broadcasting their sessions (at and Comcast's channel 165), they didn't have any idea that they'd be getting a mid-season star: Doug Bruce.

"Our goal is to make Colorado's government the most transparent, the most accountable, the most citizen-friendly in America," says Romanoff (pictured). "Too many citizens just don't have the time to come to the Capitol in person, so we're bringing it home. We're bringing the statehouse to your house. That's important, because this is a statehouse, not a clubhouse. This is the people's house."

And what people! Sworn in just a week ago to fill an unanticipated El Paso County vacancy, Bruce has already provided some excellent, unscripted moments -- from his upfront-and-personal encounter with a photographer last Monday to the special hearing on his behavior last Friday, which concluded that Bruce should be censured. And apologize for his behavior. Romanoff's decision on that recommendation is due this week.

Don't touch that dial! Although only the House floor debates will be shown live this season -- Senate debates and House committee meetings will remain off-line for now -- Doug TV should be a real kick. -- Patricia Calhoun