Angry lephrechaun gives finger to Boulder grocery shoppers

Yes, it's true: A short time ago, the Boulder Police Department was on the lookout for a man dressed in a leprechaun -- but not because free expression has been outlawed in the People's Republic and all citizens will be required to dress in wardrobes by Eddie Bauer from now on.

According to BPD Sergeant Fred Gerhardt, department personnel treated the call as more of a "welfare check." After all, "he seemed very angry. He didn't seem like a jolly leprechaun."

About 1 p.m. this afternoon, the leprechaun-garbed man raised concerns in the parking lot of a Boulder area King Soopers.

"He was jumping between cars, using his finger like a gun," Gerhardt says. "And he was also flipping people off."

It was this erratic behavior, rather than the potential for laws being broken, that prompted calls to the police. But by the time cops arrived, the leprechaun had vanished, presumably taking his pot of gold and burning mountain of resentment with him.

For now, then, "it's over," Gerhardt says -- all except for curiosity over why the guy chose this particular costume.

"It's a little late in the season for a leprechaun," the sergeant acknowledges. "I would have expected an Uncle Sam."

Hopefully a jolly one...