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Reader: John Hickenlooper defied the state's citizens when he delayed Nathan Dunlap's death

Governor John Hickenlooper's decision to grant a reprieve to quadruple murderer Nathan Dunlap is being both celebrated and reviled in our comment section. Here's the take of someone upset by the choice who weighed in on Melanie Asmar's post about Hick refusing to speak Dunlap's name.

Julie Miller writes:

I am so angry at the Governor of the State of Colorado. Twenty years ago, Nathan Dunlap killed 4 people in cold blood at a Chuck E. Cheese in Aurora. He was tried, convicted and sentenced to death by a jury of his peers. Governor Hickenlooper made a choice to "delay" the execution of this piece of scum, a choice to not follow the decisions made, a choice to place his own beliefs in front of those of the people in the State of Colorado, and the families of the victims. Hickenlooper, I want you to know now that I will do everything in my power to make sure that YOU ARE DONE practicing politics in my state. The people of Colorado spoke, and you don't listen. You are in ELECTED OFFICIAL, you answer to the PEOPLE, you don't get to make up the laws as you go along. You're starting to act and sound like the idiot running our country.

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