Video: Ryan Stone busted after wild car chase with kidnapped four-year-old

This morning's news cycle was dominated by an event that many Coloradans watched live -- a police chase after a car-jacking suspect who'd raced away from a Longmont gas station in a stolen vehicle with a four-year-old boy inside.

Fortunately, the conclusion of the story is relatively happy for most people other than Ryan Stone, who was taken into custody and is expected to add to his already extensive rap sheet with a slew of new charges. We've got photos, video and details below.

According to 7News, Stone, whose record is said to include multiple arrests on drug and theft beefs, was already on the radar of the Longmont Police Department prior to this morning's pursuit.

His thus-far unidentified girlfriend was cuffed last night after being found in a stolen car -- and authorities suspect that Stone was involved.

Then, just after 6 a.m., a red minivan was swiped at a gas station located at 1750 Main Street in Longmont.

The woman who owned the vehicle had left her son, subsequently identified as Allen Chavarria-Rodriquez, inside. As such, an Amber Alert was immediately issued, with the Longmont cops releasing this surveillance image of the suspect:

The first break came around 7:15 a.m., when the minivan in question was eyeballed heading south on I-25 in the Thornton area.

Police soon responded, resulting in a chase that continued through neighborhoods and on roadways such as Interstate 76 while news helicopters captured the action.

Then, at E-470 near 152nd, the wanted driver, ID'd as Stone, abandoned his red minivan in favor of a gold one that he managed to block and and then snatch when the latter's two occupants bailed out.

Fortunately, Stone didn't take young Allen with him. The boy was found moments later by members of the Commerce City Police Department.

He was shaken up but otherwise safe and unharmed.

Meanwhile, Stone left a trail of havoc in his wake, avoiding stop sticks left by law enforcers on at least two occasions, and actually striking a Colorado State Patrol trooper in the vicinity of E-470 and Chambers. The trooper is reportedly in surgery at this time with serious injuries.

Other cars were also hit by Stone, including a silver BMW, which he commandeered after yanking the female driver out of the passenger compartment and hurling her to the ground. But he ditched the Beemer around Peoria and Lincoln and continued on foot. Bad idea: He was rounded up just after 8 a.m., bringing the chase to an end.

Of course, Stone's latest journey through the criminal justice system is only beginning.

Look below to see a previous booking photo, followed by a 7News report.

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