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Reader: Don't judge everyone from Tajikistan by actions of alleged crook Azimdzhon Mazhidov

Our recent Colorado Crimes post "Azimdzhon Mazhidov, 15 others from Russia, Tajikistan charged with ripping off $300,000" detailed a complicated check-kiting scheme allegedly involving conspirators from Denver and Philadelphia.

The tale prompted an extremely polite plea not to assume all Tajikistan immigrants in the U.S. have larceny on their mind.

tajik citizen writes:


I am a tajik citizen and was fortunate to study in the USA in the past. I simply love this great country! This is where I have come to know Chist as my Saviour (though I grew up in a muslim environment); in America I learmed that hard work pays off; in America I imbibed that race, sex and skin color do not define who you are and your place in life. I am very ashamed for what my fellow citizens have done, and on their behalf I bring sincere apologies to all the financial institutions and American tax payers. I regret that those young kids have ruined their lives, as well as the reputation of my country. Please do not judhe all tajiks by what some of us represent.

Thank you.

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